Business development solutions that drive meaningful results.


Our advisory provides business development solutions to service professionals and their firms. From coaching and sales training to executive roundtables and certification programs, we tailor our approach to your unique needs so you can build a thriving book of business.

Business Development Coaching
Individual Coaching
Our team of seasoned coaches will help you create a customized business development plan, overcome roadblocks, and ensure that you achieve your objectives.
Group Coaching
Our faculty of business development advisors facilitate semi-monthly group coaching calls that provide a forum for productive discussion, problem solving and accountability.
We incorporate business development technology into many of our engagements through our Practice Boomers, Practice Pipeline and Practice Viewer programs.
Executive Roundtables
Our roundtables are peer forums for executives to exchange ideas and revenue-strengthening strategies for their firms in a candid, non-competitive setting.
Managing/Marketing Partner Roundtable
A peer forum for marketing and managing partners ofregional law firms in noncompeting regions.
First Chair Roundtable
A peer forum for CMOs, CBDOs, and Marketing or Business Development Directors from regional firms.
Marketing Leader Roundtable
A peer forum for CMOs, CBDOs, and other marketing and BD leaders from nationaland international firms.
Professional Development Programs
Business Development Institute
BDI is a 3-month remote training course designed to provide the essential skills needed to transition from a marketing focus to a more business development oriented role. Participants will actively engage in a series of webinars and roundtables covering topics ranging from effective lawyer coaching to bolstering the business strategy at the firm.
Managing Partner Institute
MPI provides a robust curriculum for managing partners and their successors. The program covers the topics that are integral to effective leadership including law firm economics, culture change, strategic planning, succession, business practices, rainmaking, and navigating the internal politics inherent to the managing partner role.
Sales Training
Client Team Training
Arm your lawyers with the strategies and collaborative skills needed to interface with a client and nurture a successful long-term relationship.
Sales Team Training
If your pitches are not winning new business, this program will show you the key components that influence their decision and close the deal.
We engage your partners in a strategic planning dialogue that creates new possibilities for your firm. Using a dynamic, interactive approach, we help you create solutions to the persistent roadblocks that impede progress.
Our seminars will introduce you to new business development strategies and new avenues for success. They can be tailored to various lengths and forums. We have over 30 topics to choose from, including the following:
  • How to Create a Personal Business Development Plan
  • How to Develop New Business Using Social Media
  • Business Development for Litigators
  • How to Motivate Lawyers to Make Rain
  • Business Development Strategies for Associates
  • Personal Branding Techniques
  • How to Increase Referral Business
  • How to Increase ROI at Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Networking Techniques that Accelerate Business Development Results
  • Effective Client Site Visits
  • How to Optimize ROI on BD Coaching Programs
Time Management Training
A busy service professional often has insufficient time for business development. But the right time management practices can improve efficiency so that there is enough time to both manage and grow the practice.

"Thanks to The Ackert Advisory, I doubled my book of business in less than a year. I'm now one of the top rainmakers at my firm."

Andrew Apfelberg


Greenberg Glusker

"Our firm has repeatedly engaged The Ackert Advisory to work with our people. Their programs are always well-received and productive. I personally participated in one of them, and one year later I am still regularly using the tools I learned there."

Leon Janks,

Managing Partner

Green, Hasson & Janks

"The Ackert Advisory was instrumental in building my book of business, which now exceeds $500M under management."

Sean Edrington

Wealth Advisor