4 Steps to Maximize Your Visibility on LinkedIn

Although “the world’s largest network” has been a part of our lives for 13 years, its most practical (and ethical) use continues to elude most service providers. More than any other web page on the Internet, your LinkedIn profile tells the world who you are and why they should hire you. According to recent surveys, most business decision-makers review a service provider’s LinkedIn profile prior to engaging their services. So, consider following these 4 best practices to make your LinkedIn profile your own.

1. Don’t broadcast the edits you’re making to your connections: Save your announcements for information that will capture their attention and be worth their while.


  • Click “Profile” tab next to “Home” in the upper left corner
  • Look to the right side of the page and find “Profile Strength”
  • Scroll halfway down the page and look for “Notify your network?”
  • Click the toggle switch from “Yes” to “No”

2. Customize your LinkedIn background: This adds personality to your profile.


  • Add color or an image to personalize your page: Type “LinkedIn backgrounds” into your search engine and choose from the pre-cropped selection or create one of your own
  • Save this image to your desktop
  • Click “Profile” tab next to “Home” in the upper left corner
  • Hover over the background near your LinkedIn photo
  • Click “Edit Background” or “Add a background photo” when it appears
  • Click “Save” when done

3. Customize your URL with your first and last name (assuming it’s available): This will improve your SEO rankings and make it easier for people to find your LinkedIn profile.


  • Click “Profile” tab next to “Home” in the upper left corner
  • Your URL is located under your profile picture
  • Hover around the right side of your URL and click the gear icon when it appears—this will take you to a new page
  • Look to the right side of this page and click the edit icon under “Your public profile URL”
  • Fill it in with your first and last name (no spaces, periods, or dashes). If your name is taken, add a middle initial or a number (e.g., LinkedIn.com/in/rebeccanassi123″)
  • Click “Save” when done

4. Customize your professional headline: Keyword-rich headlines increase the chance of your profile being ranked higher in the search engine in comparison to your competitors.


  • Click “Profile” tab next to “Home” in the upper left corner
  • Click the “professional headline” field immediately under your name
  • Use keyword-rich job titles to ensure that when others search for your services, they don’t come up empty-handed
  • Utilize keywords that describe what your prospective clients might search for (e.g., “Asset Restructuring” or “Employment Litigation Defense” or “Intellectual Property Litigation”)
  • Separate keywords by a “pipe mark” (e.g., Asset Restructuring | Employment Litigation Defense | Intellectual Property Litigation). You’ll find the pipe mark located under the “delete” or “backspace” button on your keyboard
  • Click “Save” when done

LinkedIn is constantly making changes to its interface, so don’t put off making these critical updates to your profile.

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Authored by Rebecca Nassi

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