David Ackert headshot
David Ackert, MA, is the President of Ackert Inc. and its subsidiaries, and business development mentor to thousands of high-achieving professionals in the legal, corporate, finance, and accounting sectors. Over the past two decades, David has developed and implemented revenue acceleration programs for hundreds of firms around the globe...
Jocelyn Brumbaugh headshot
Jocelyn Brumbaugh’s experience includes 20+ years in marketing and communications roles at top law and financial services firms, building departments, counseling CEOs and driving strategy. She developed, Citadel's (global financial services firm) first strategic internal communications plan, including orchestrating all CEO communications and employee touch points...
Kathleen Flynn headshot
Kathleen Flynn has specialized expertise in building and managing the business development and marketing programs of major professional service firms, and for thirty years she has helped professionals achieve success in their business development efforts. Prior to her position as Senior Advisor with Ackert, Kathleen served as Chief Marketing and Business Developer officer...
Melissa Hoff headshot
Melissa Hoff brings nearly 20 years of in-house and consulting experience to her role as Senior Advisor at Ackert. Prior to her work with us, Melissa was a partner at the Zeughauser Group, a consultancy that specializes in marketing and business management for AmLaw 100 firms. As an in-house marketer, she spearheaded the marketing strategy at Garvey Schubert Barer and served as a Director in the marketing department at Preston Gates & Ellis...
Lindsay Hamilton headshot
Lindsay Hamilton, MBA brings 20 years of experience in law firm and professional services strategy, business development, marketing and communications. Prior to her affiliation with Ackert, Lindsay spent several years as CMO at AmLaw Global 100 firms.
Carmelo Millimaci headshot
Carmelo is an associate certified coach with 20 years of business development and marketing experience. He has been on the Ackert team for several years and has worked with clients across North America.
Rebecca Nassi headshot
Rebecca Nassi, JD, MA, is the co-founder of the company and serves as Senior Advisor on our faculty. Drawing from a background that includes the practice of law, several entrepreneurial endeavors and a Master’s in psychology, she brings a multi-faceted approach to her coaching engagements.
Robina Royer headshot
Robina Royer, JD, has more than 20 years of experience guiding attorneys and senior executives at professional service firms in developing and executing their business development goals and raising their profiles. She excels in coaching professionals to develop actionable business development plans that deliver results.
Kim Stuart headshot
Kim Stuart has nearly 20 years of experience in constructing and advancing successful business development initiatives and critical marketing strategies for law firms and other professional services firms. Kim facilitates business development programs at all levels. She is a frequent speaker, facilitator and author on business development topics....