‘Business Development Conversations’ (BDC) is a virtual on-demand educational program that equips lawyers with the techniques that turn professional relationships into business opportunities.

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Why Participate?

Lawyer in a Business Development ConversationMany lawyers have extensive professional networks, but they do not know how to navigate the conversations that explore relevant opportunities, address concerns, and result in new business. 

BDC equips lawyers and the professionals who support them with a framework that drives productive business development conversations; the program walks through each of the key relationship categories in a lawyer’s professional network: referral sources, prospects, and existing clients.

The program is a three-part webinar series that marketers can share with their lawyers on-demand, so it can fit into any schedule. BDC provides a platform to:

  • Discover the conversation points that harness the full potential of a lawyer’s referral network.
  • Understand the business questions lawyers should ask their clients to successfully identify unmet needs.
  • Learn how to add strategic advice and proactive value to their BD conversations.
  • Gain a competitive advantage over law firms that bring a generic sales pitch to the table.

Watch the video below for a 5-minute sample of the first webinar.


About the Program


BDC consists of three on-demand webinar recordings that cover the following topics:


Purchasing the BDC program entitles you to the following:

    • Access to all 3 session recordings for 1 full year
    • Ability to share content with everyone at your firm
  • Firmwide access to the BDC Portal, an online resource with prep-sheets, pitching templates and additional reference materials


The cost of the program is $950. A single purchase provides access for your entire firm.

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David Ackert, PresidentDavid Ackert, MA, is the President of The Ackert Advisory and a mentor to high-achieving professionals in the legal, corporate, finance, and accounting sectors. David has advised hundreds of lawyers, CEOs and professional-services executives on overcoming business development and marketing challenges.
He has developed and implemented business development programs for countless firms, from AmLaw 100s to local boutiques. Widely recognized as an e-learning pioneer in the legal field, David is the founder of Practice Boomers, a business development e-learning program and two-time winner of the Legal Marketing Association’s “Your Honor Award.” He is also the founder of Practice Pipeline, a pipeline management software platform that incorporates business development coaching. The combination of technology and coaching has become a hallmark of his programs.

Darryl Cross, VP of Coaching and DevelopmentDarryl Cross, MBA, is responsible for the business development training and coaching for thousands of lawyers and business professionals at LexisNexis, which generates over $2 billion in annual sales in the legal, corporate, government and academic sectors in North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. He is a former Chief Marketing Officer and member of the Executive Committee for an international law firm based in Cleveland, OH, and he is on the international Board of Directors for the Legal Marketing Association. He is also the founder of HighPer Coaching and its sister company, Rainmaker Fitness. They both specialize in helping people that already move mountains to continue to move even larger ones throughout their lives. Darryl combines his 30 years of scientific coaching methods to offer a one-of-a-kind approach to improving performance. He is a certified business coach with the Association for Talent Development (ATD), a certified athletic coach with the International Rugby Board (IRB) and one of less than 100 Master Fitness Trainers in the world certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He is an internationally known author and speaker on the art, science and grit of high performance. He has spoken to over 10,000 lawyers and business executives from over 100 countries on four continents on how to continuously maximize the performance of their teams–as well as themselves.

Kim Stuart, Business Development CoachingKim Stuart (guest presenter) has more than 17 years of experience in constructing and advancing successful business development initiatives and critical marketing strategies for law firms and professional services firms. She has also also managed fund development for non-profit organizations and political campaigns.

She recently re-launched a 360˚ women’s initiative at a global law firm focused on professional, business and client development, community and culture and executive profiling. A tremendous success, the new platform garnered multiple industry awards and lead to new and enhanced client relationships as well as internal professional development and talent retention.

Prior to joining The Ackert Advisory Kim was part of the senior business development team at Dentons, where she regularly assisted lawyers in developing and implementing effective client development plans. Since joining The Ackert Advisory, Kim has personally facilitated over 50 training sessions with lawyers at both the senior associate and partner level.

How to Register

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