3 Business Development Strategies for Conferences and Trade Shows

We are already two weeks into 2017 and I still find myself writing “2016” into the date field of forms and contracts. I’ve got to start thinking ahead. So should you when it comes to your business development this year. Today’s fast-growing marketplace makes it more and more necessary to differentiate your services from the … Continued

Beware of the Business Development Resolution

Welcome to the new year! After tracking yet another twelve months, our calendar has reset to January and we are filled with fresh hope. Many use the annual transition to turn over a new leaf and re-approach business development outcomes that have previously eluded them. “This is the year,” they tell themselves, “when I will really … Continued

Do or do not. There is no try.

Star Wars fans of all ages will head into theaters in the coming days to watch Star Wars: Rogue One. I have many favorite moments from this franchise, one of which is Yoda’s advice as he is training an exasperated Luke Skywalker. He tells him to “do or do not. There is no try.” That’s … Continued

How to Prepare for a Successful New Year

It’s December. You need a break. Besides, your clients and prospects are generally unresponsive as they focus on internal year-end deadlines (and holiday party hangover recovery). Might as well put your business development on hold until next year, right? Well, sort of. It’s true that you won’t gain significant traction on most of your pursuits … Continued

5 Tips for Success at Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are a mixed bag. They can provide a great opportunity to make valuable new contacts. They can reconnect you to old friends. But much of the time, they consist of forced conversation with strangers over weak punch as Pandora streams Bing Crosby covers in the background. In case that sounds familiar, use the … Continued

Developing Business Development Expertise

Many people think that because they have spent a few years developing expertise in their field, they will be able to attract clientele in short order. But they soon come to learn that business development is pretty darn hard. This is not a reflection of their intelligence or work ethic. It is the expected results … Continued

Post-Election Opportunities

Throughout the US, Americans are either celebrating or mourning this week’s election results. (I have yet to encounter anyone who is indifferent.) Like most of the country, your clients did not anticipate Trump’s win and now they must consider how his presidency may impact their industry and, more specifically, their business. This is an excellent … Continued

How Long Should You Wait Before Following Up with a Prospect?

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a first date, but I remember well the awkward timing issue of the follow-up. Many of my buddies insisted on the “two day rule,” so as to strike a balance between seeming too eager or too aloof. If they wanted to play it really cool, they’d push … Continued

How to Worry Intelligently

We can’t help it. Worrying is part of the human experience. We stress out over everything from our workload to the demands of our biggest clients to the well-being of our loved ones. After all, what if something goes terribly wrong? Of course, it rarely does, but that doesn’t stop us from expending considerable mental energy on “what if” scenarios. If … Continued

3 Ways to Promote Gender Equality through Communication

While progress is slow, we continue to make strides toward gender equality in the workplace. More women are entering the work force than ever before, and in the U.S., the gender pay gap is nearly closed among millennials. But for many women, the idea of “leaning in” is still fraught with social boundaries and a … Continued

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