How to Benefit from the Holidays

Over the coming weeks you will find yourself at various holiday gatherings, either as a guest or a host. The social calendar will be busier than usual, affording an opportunity to connect with clients and referral sources you may not have seen in a while. But it’s unlikely that you can reconnect with all of … Continued

What to Do About Holiday Cards This Season

Before you prepare to send out another batch of holiday cards this year, take a moment to consider why you’re doing it. For some, it’s part of how they express their holiday spirit. If that’s the case for you, have at it! Seasons greetings! But for many, it’s a business development strategy – an excuse … Continued

Holiday Schmooze Without the Ooze

I’m a big fan of the holidays, but they are not without certain stressors, so this month I will provide blog posts that will help to better navigate the season. Holiday parties are a weird mash-up of alcohol, appetizers, premature Christmas music, and small-talk with strangers. In my experience, whenever two business people try to … Continued

What Is Your Time Really Worth?

A funny thing happens when you charge for your time. Your firm, your market, your competition, and your clients dictate how much an hour of your life is worth. The moment you buy into this notion, you start to make strategic decisions based on this assigned dollar amount. For the sake of easy math, let’s … Continued

How Long Should You Wait?

Be warned: Someday is coming. You know, that optimal time in the future when you will do all of the things you’ve been putting off. On Someday, you will ask your biggest prospect to engage you. You will raise your rates or ask your boss for a raise. You will solicit feedback from that demanding … Continued

Share a Client Day

I’m declaring this “Share a Client Day.” Don’t worry—you don’t have to start splitting your fees with anybody. To honor this special occasion, all you have to do is follow these three steps: 1. Identify your top 10 clients. 2. Contact them and request an introduction to their key advisors. Focus on non-competitors who are … Continued

How to Respond When You’re Too Busy to Respond

Somewhere in Hollywood, a screenwriter is writing that scene in which the cheating husband gets caught with his pants down and blurts out the classic line, “Honey, wait… it’s not what you think.” And yet, for all its popularity, the cliché response never seems to work. I have yet to see the scene in which … Continued

How to Keep Your Referral Sources Happy

Quid pro quo. Tit for tat. Even Steven. It’s the ideal. But we can’t always reciprocate when a referral source sends us a new client. Most of the time, we don’t have anything meaningful to send back to them at that precise moment, or they happen to offer a service that our clients don’t need. … Continued

5 Networking Tips for Mixers and Events

As much as I enjoy parties, my affinity for them diminishes when the attendees are strangers and the agenda is all business. But networking mixers are an unavoidable part of business development, so here are 5 tips to help you make schmoozing more productive. 1. Review the attendee list: You may not always have easy … Continued

The Difference Between a Referral Source and a Resource

As you gather people into your professional network you will find that fellow advisors fall into one of two categories: Referral Sources and Resources. Initially, any non-competing advisor has the potential to become a Referral Source. In your hopes to realize this potential, you may invest time into the relationship or even refer one of … Continued

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