A Networking Lesson from Netflix

Last year, there were 429 television series in production (not counting reality tv shows). I often add the ones that look interesting to my Netflix queue even though I would have to quit my job for the next year to binge watch them all. The funny thing is, when I feel like watching something new, … Continued

The 3 Gifts of Rejection

There’s no way to take the sting out of bad news, especially when it comes from a prospective client who informs you that, in spite of all your wooing, the engagement simply wasn’t meant to be. “They’ll be sorry,” you tell yourself as you shove the first pin into the voodoo doll you created for … Continued

How to Make Your Elevator Pitch Helpful

My team and I recently went through the arduous process of revising our website. As usual, it forced us to re-examine the words we use to describe what we do. Without this clarity of message it’s easy to find oneself struggling with an ‘elevator pitch’ that either sounds generic or confusing or both. This is … Continued

What to Do with LinkedIn Anniversary Alerts

Oh look, it’s Sally Johnson’s 15th year anniversary at ABC Inc. Thanks for the spam, LinkedIn. But wait. Before you tap the delete key, consider that there may actually be some value to the anniversary alert. It’s LinkedIn’s way of cycling your 500+ connections across your radar at a digestible pace throughout the year. Not … Continued

Are Congratulations in Order?

Last week, Practice Pipeline was a finalist for the Your Honor Award from the NE Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association for its role in Goulston & Storrs’ business development strategy. I did what all business developers are supposed to do when they have good news to share: I updated the “awards” section of my … Continued

4 Business Development Lessons You Can Learn from Uber

As a regular business traveler, I have become a regular user of Uber, where I’ve noticed that the back seat of someone else’s car can a good place to reflect on fundamental business development lessons. Here are a few that you might find helpful: 1. When an Uber customer orders a ride, the first driver … Continued

Three Words that Mean Business

It’s common sense: You’re better off harvesting the opportunities you already have than chasing the ones you could have. And yet, many of us spend an inordinate amount of time seeking out new business from networking groups and introductory lunches instead of calling on our existing and former clients. Perhaps we just aren’t in the … Continued

Reconnect with a Connector

In a furious effort to win the networking game, we associate ourselves with various networking groups, we “never eat alone,” and we accept LinkedIn invitations from people we barely know. We feel justified in these time-consuming endeavors whenever we can attribute a new client to them, but they require a lot of our time and … Continued

How to Explore a Business Relationship with a Personal Friend

We all find ourselves in that tricky position from time to time: We learn that a longtime friend or relative is also a prospective client but we don’t broach the subject of engagement for fear of damaging the relationship. “They know what I do for a living,” we tell ourselves, “and they certainly know where … Continued

How to Turn Your Clients into Friends

Over the years, I have had the good fortune of befriending some of my clients (and prospective clients) to the point where we have developed a genuine affection for one another. So much so that if one of us were to dramatically change career paths, I believe we would continue to look out for one … Continued

“David, you have truly amazing insight into the minds of professionals. You seem to know exactly what we’re thinking and feeling, what we fear, what we’re trying to overcome, what we’re really trying to accomplish, even if we don’t know it ourselves. Your blogs are incredibly valuable. Thank you.”

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