Is Social Media a Waste of Time?

You’ve tweeted. You’ve friended. You’ve accepted LinkedIn invitations from people you’ve never heard of, and you still don’t have any business to show for it. No wonder you’re on the fence about the usefulness of social media. If you were Pepsi, you could tweet a coupon to your 3 million followers and generate sales. But … Continued

How Much Time Do You Really Need to Spend on Business Development?

Whether you’re a lawyer, a CPA, an RIA or a startup founder, any professional who is tasked with selling the service they provide has to contend with the opposing forces of developing business and servicing their clients. How do you strike a proper balance between doing existing work and bringing in guaranteed revenues versus venturing … Continued

Use LinkedIn to Accelerate Your Networking Results

Networking can be a tedious exercise. We meet people. We do lunch. We “explore synergies.” We offer introductions and resources in the hopes that our generosity will be reciprocated. But new relationships rarely yield business right away. It takes months, sometimes years to build rapport and trust. We have to earn the reputation of a … Continued

How to Deal with Unresponsive Prospects

We all experience bedrock—those stubborn obstacles where it simply isn’t possible to “power through.” Whether it’s exhaustion, burnout, an endless document or a difficult personality, sometimes the only approach that works is to step away and come back to it later. The same impenetrable bedrock occasionally appears in business development. You have a potential client; … Continued

Whoever Gives More, Wins

There is a natural exchange inherent in any business relationship. With your clients, it is the agreed-upon exchange of services for fees. But when it comes to professional networking with your firm partners or referral sources, there is no written agreement that mandates consideration or generosity. That’s why it can be difficult to find people … Continued

Are You Ready for the Closing Gender Pay Gap?

According to a Pew Research report, the gender pay gap will close among millennials entering the workforce by 2020. While women currently in the U.S. workforce earn 79 cents for every dollar a man earns, women aged 25-34 have seen increased wages by an average of 13% over the past 30 years. The same male … Continued

In Defense of Punctuality

Don’t worry, this won’t be some preachy post about why you should always be punctual. You already know that tardiness is disruptive and disrespectful. You also know it can’t always be helped. In a world of client emergencies and back-to-back meetings and conference calls that all seem to run five minutes over, it’s easy to … Continued

The 3 Elements of a Rainmaker

A rainmaker is someone who is able to bring an abundance of clients into their practice or business. The term originally referred to traveling showmen in the Old West who were believed to be able to manipulate the weather. They were not, to my knowledge, in possession of magical powers but rather had a more … Continued

Don’t Just Do Something. Sit There.

While productivity and momentum are common themes in this blog, it’s also important to note that occasionally the most efficient thing to do is nothing at all. I’m not talking about spending a weekend binging on reality television over a bag of Cheetos. I’m suggesting that carving out time for focused reflection is just as … Continued

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

As much as we conduct ourselves professionally and follow through on the commitments we make to others, we often fall short when it comes to the promises we make to ourselves. Most of our business development shortcomings can be tracked to a plan or intention that we failed to implement. We console ourselves with mediocre … Continued

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