How to Prequalify Prospective Clients

Somewhere, I hope that mobile programmers are developing an app that enables us to assess our prospective clients’ intentions. That way, we can simply scan our mobile devices across our prospects’ foreheads to instantly know how long they intend to think it over and whether they will eventually engage our services. In the meantime, if … Continued

How to Network with Journalists

This Monday I was profiled in the local Business Journal. Already, the article has helped me reconnect with several key people in my network, including a significant referral source. The experience has been a great reminder that there’s nothing like good press. But it also validates a few important networking principles: Follow their work: When … Continued

3 Ways to Use LinkedIn’s Content Search Feature

For years, LinkedIn has allowed us to search for people. Now it allows us to search for what they’ve posted. Select “Posts” from the search field drop-down menu, type a topic of interest, and the results will include a list of relevant articles published by the people in your network or shared in their feed. … Continued

Which Choice Will You Make?

This week Americans enjoyed a four-day workweek thanks to Labor Day. While I appreciated the long weekend, I must confess I didn’t give much thought to the significance of the holiday. In case you too need a refresher, Labor Day—established nationally in 1894—honors the sacrifices that workers have made to benefit the country’s prosperity and … Continued

3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Pays Off

“If you ask me, you give too much away.” This was a critique I recently heard from someone who, after reviewing the blogs, white papers, and other materials I’ve posted online, felt my content strategy was a little too generous. “You should hold back the ‘good stuff’ so that people still have reason to hire … Continued

Is Social Media a Waste of Time?

You’ve tweeted. You’ve friended. You’ve accepted LinkedIn invitations from people you’ve never heard of, and you still don’t have any business to show for it. No wonder you’re on the fence about the usefulness of social media. If you were Pepsi, you could tweet a coupon to your 3 million followers and generate sales. But … Continued

How Much Time Do You Really Need to Spend on Business Development?

Whether you’re a lawyer, a CPA, an RIA or a startup founder, any professional who is tasked with selling the service they provide has to contend with the opposing forces of developing business and servicing their clients. How do you strike a proper balance between doing existing work and bringing in guaranteed revenues versus venturing … Continued

Use LinkedIn to Accelerate Your Networking Results

Networking can be a tedious exercise. We meet people. We do lunch. We “explore synergies.” We offer introductions and resources in the hopes that our generosity will be reciprocated. But new relationships rarely yield business right away. It takes months, sometimes years to build rapport and trust. We have to earn the reputation of a … Continued

How to Deal with Unresponsive Prospects

We all experience bedrock—those stubborn obstacles where it simply isn’t possible to “power through.” Whether it’s exhaustion, burnout, an endless document or a difficult personality, sometimes the only approach that works is to step away and come back to it later. The same impenetrable bedrock occasionally appears in business development. You have a potential client; … Continued

Whoever Gives More, Wins

There is a natural exchange inherent in any business relationship. With your clients, it is the agreed-upon exchange of services for fees. But when it comes to professional networking with your firm partners or referral sources, there is no written agreement that mandates consideration or generosity. That’s why it can be difficult to find people … Continued

“David, you have truly amazing insight into the minds of professionals. You seem to know exactly what we’re thinking and feeling, what we fear, what we’re trying to overcome, what we’re really trying to accomplish, even if we don’t know it ourselves. Your blogs are incredibly valuable. Thank you.”

Rob Strauss
Weinstock Manion LLP