How Well Do You Know Your Top Clients?

Relationships are a two-way street. It’s hard to know how well you’re meeting clients’ expectations… unless you ask them.


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Let us do the hard work.

Our Client Feedback and Accountability program engages your top clients in a candid conversation. As a neutral third party, we can ask the difficult questions about their loyalty to your firm, their service satisfaction, and ways to expand your relationship with their company. In the process, your firm will gain insightful competitive intelligence you can use to drive informed decisions. We provide tools and support to ensure that your lawyers follow up on their feedback and secure meaningful results. Client Feedback is a crucial process with any client you care to keep.

How It Works:

Phase 1: Target Top Clients

We work with you to pinpoint clients:

  • Whose loyalty and satisfaction are critical to the firm’s financial performance
  • That have the highest potential for additional services and revenue
  • That are most vulnerable to competitors’ efforts to win their business
  • Whose fees have eroded for no known reason

Phase 2: Interview

We create customized questions that will provide insights into:

  • How happy they are with your firm’s service
  • Their legal spend
  • Legal needs they have that aren’t being met
  • Their working relationships with other firms

Phase 3: The Assessment

Post-interview, we provide:

  • Individual client reports and a comprehensive summary of all interviews.
  • New business opportunities and specific action items for immediate follow-up.
  • A semi-annual and annual new matter and fee comparison so you can make strategic decisions with your key clients.

Phase 4: Accountability (Optional)

We give you the tools to ensure your firm’s performance improves, including:


“Our firm has repeatedly engaged The Ackert Advisory to work with our people. Their programs are always well-received and productive. I personally participated in one of them, and one year later, I am still regularly using the tools I learned there.”

Leon Janks

Managing Partner
Green, Hasson & Janks

You’ve worked hard for your clients. The Ackert Advisory can help you keep them. Schedule a call with us today.