Year over year, legal industry surveys confirm that firms are unprepared to deal with the retirement and succession of senior partners. Many law firms do not have a formal retirement plan and cannot afford to lose of principal rainmakers. Our leadership development training program arms the next generation of lawyers with the skills they will need to navigate the inevitable changes on the horizon. Participants will:

  • Identify means to adopt and grow client relationships, individual books of business, and ultimately, the firm.
  • Bridge gaps between senior management & the front line.
  • Mentor key leadership principles among the next generation of lawyers.
  • Advance their own books of business to fill the imminent revenue gaps as senior partners retire.
  • Map out a clear individual development plan for themselves.

An introduction to succession planning and the importance of leadership development.

Prior to our work with Ackert, there was a persistent concern about the future. Now, our path to succession is clear, business development is a regular practice for all of our lawyers at all levels, our culture is proactive, and our revenue is significantly higher.  As a value proposition, this was definitely a worthwhile engagement.

Steve Mindel, Managing Partner
Fienberg Mindel Brandt & Klein, LLP