Lawyers at Marketing Leaders RoundtableThe Marketing Leader Roundtable is a facilitated peer network of marketing partners, CMOs, and other marketing and business development leaders who tap into each other’s perspectives, expertise, and strategic wisdom in order to:

  • Adapt to the new set of competitive pressures facing law firms.
  • Implement appropriate revenue-strengthening strategies and tactics; and
  • Make the experience of serving as a law firm marketing leader more rewarding.

The Roundtable consists of heads of marketing and business development from national and international firms.


Example Agenda Topics:

  • Measuring the ROI of marketing initiatives
  • Motivating lawyer engagement in BD
  • Monitoring trends in client industries
  • Brand development, content marketing, and integration
  • Leveraging marketing budgets to maximize business results


Over a full year, Roundtable meetings occur quarterly for 75 minutes via teleconference. Once a year we host a 1½ day in-person retreat that features some of the top thought leaders in the industry. The membership fee is $3,500 per year, which covers the cost of food, beverages and speaker fees at our annual retreat as well as facilitation of the Mastermind calls.


Roundtable Values:

  • Confidentiality: The Roundtable is a confidential environment that enables candid and meaningful discussion.
  • Respect:Feedback is delivered candidly and directly, but in a tenor that is congenial in nature and reinforces a safe and trusting environment among members.
  • Prosperity: Members offer strategies and share resources that contribute to each firms’ respective economic success.
  • Commitment: To ensure consistency and cohesiveness, members make every effort to attend each Roundtable call, as well as the annual retreat.


How to Apply:
Contact us to submit your firm for membership at the Marketing Leader Roundtable.
You can download an overview here:
Marketing Leader Roundtable Overview