Today, more than ever, American business is like the Mississippi: fast moving and powerful, ever changing, reflective of conditions, and often perilous.

But it can be successfully navigated with a clear sense of purpose and a strong mission.

Most people don’t know if their firm has a mission. And the rest of them don’t understand what it means or how it pertains to them. They don’t love their jobs. They can’t stand their direct reports. And they’re only in it for the paycheck.

Mission Infusion™ bridges the cultural disconnect between senior management and their staff.  We help your team find personal meaning in their work and produce the positive results that naturally occur when you’re a part of something that matters:

  1. Identify the vision and mission of the firm
  2. Help your team align their values with the firm’s mission
  3. Design activities that infuse the mission into daily practices
  4. Implement simple on-site activities that put the mission into action
  5. Shift the firm’s language, goals, and behaviors so they’re a consistent expression of the company’s ideals.

Mission Infusion™ consists of sessions with senior management and training seminars with key employees. The term of engagement is customized to the size and needs of the firm.

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If you feel this is a good fit for your firm, let us know.