“Clients first” is the service motto at most firms. But Strategic planning retreat and seminarthis philosophy can lead to stagnation when firms become so consumed with the business needs of their clients that they procrastinate the strategic planning of their own growth.

That’s why we facilitate firm retreats, so you can open your mind to fresh ideas and new plans of action, away from the distractions of the day-today.

We engage your key partners in a strategic planning dialogue that creates new possibilities for your firm. Using a dynamic, interactive approach, we help you create solutions to the problems you can’t seem to solve in the office. We breathe new life into your strategies and goals, get buy-in on new initiatives, improve your culture, reposition your services in the marketplace, build team morale, and accelerate the outcomes of your business development.

We also offer post-retreat implementation support, in case you anticipate that your good ideas will need help gaining momentum back at the office. Contact us to learn more.

"We hired The Ackert Advisory to facilitate our partner retreat. They worked with us on a time management program that was highly valuable and so well-presented that it kept the full attention of the partners for hours. It made a positive impact on the firm - I would definitely bring them back for future retreats."

Steve Mindel

Managing Partner

Feinberg, Mindel, Brandt, & Klein, LLP