Lawyers in meeting, sales team trainingYou’re in a meeting with a prospective client. How do you pitch yourself and your firm so that you sound more compelling than your competitors? And how do you win their business?

In today’s crowded and highly competitive market, clients are sophisticated. They want more than assurances. They are no longer satisfied with pedigree and reputation. But they do engage when they hear a compelling pitch.

This requires not only an understanding of their business, but a facility with the practical and emotional drivers that influence the client’s decision-making process.

  • Learn how to best prepare for a pitch meeting.
  • Discover the five key phases of a pitch so that you can build rapport with ease, identify business opportunities, and overcome client objections.
  • Find out how to work more successfully as a client team.
  • Develop your ability to listen effectively and to read the behavioral nuances that signal a client’s receptiveness to your solution.
  • Build your skill set with in-session “pitch drills” that provide practical experience, improve your understanding of the sales process, and build your confidence under low-risk conditions that don’t cost you potential business opportunities.
  • Learn the follow-up techniques that accelerate the client’s decision to engage and eliminate the need to chase down indecisive prospects.

Graduates of this program consistently report that more of their pitches result in new business for their firms. Contact us to get started.