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The Train-the-Trainer Library includes…

25+ Webinars from Industry Thought Leaders

The Train-the-Trainer Library includes a wide array of recorded webinars presented by industry thought leaders.

50+ Video Tutorials on Business Development

Gain access to Practice Boomers, the Your Honor Award-winning video curriculum on business development.

35+ Podcast Interviews with Legal Marketing All-Stars

Receive exclusive pre-release access to the Market Leaders Podcast, winner of JD Supra's Reader's Choice Award.

Webinar Topics

Each webinar is 30 to 60 minutes long, all presented by industry thought leaders. Click the tabs below to read more topics.

Best Practices for Winning Proposals
Clients seeking legal services are increasingly using proposal methodologies to hire outside counsel. The pressure to win business in the highly competitive proposal landscape means there is little room for error in responding to RFP’s. This session will highlight winning proposal strategies for increasing your win rate.

Client Team Plans
Coordinating a group of partners around a single institutional client requires a more sophisticated solution than the individual BD plan. In this session you will learn how a Client Team Plan can formalize key objectives and cross-selling goals while simultaneously establishing communication protocols that expand the relationship in the years to come.

Earning the Right to Cross-Sell
How many times have you heard that cross-selling is the easiest way to increase your book of business and the firm’s profits? Cross-selling is a simple concept, but it isn’t easy. To be able to cross-sell your partners and your firm, you have to understand your client’s business, effectively pitch your firm’s many areas of expertise, and earn your client’s trust. In this session, you will learn how to cross-sell effectively.

Negotiating a Mutually Successful AFA
AFAs may be the new normal, but most lawyers have not yet adjusted their negotiation style to match the current fee-sensitive landscape. Discover how to coach your lawyers through their next negotiation so that they can maintain rate integrity with their institutional client base.

Productive Conversations with Key Clients
In this session, we explore how to expand existing client relationships so as to serve more of their billable needs. Learn how to offer proactive value, deepen key relationships, and encourage client loyalty. We cover topics including how to analyze your client’s business for relevant value-adds, how to identify opportunities that demonstrate your capabilities, and how to gain the upper hand over the competition.

BD Trends Across Law Firm Demographics
This session will provide recent market-wide study results on the most effective business development strategies for specific firm sizes, lawyer seniority cohorts, industry groups, and practice areas. Learn which growth methods work best for your firm and lawyers.

Beyond Templates – Business Planning Tools that Drive Meaningful Action
This session will provide an overview of the key elements that make up an effective BD plan for either the individual lawyer or the client team. Learn how to teach your lawyers effective means for identifying and capitalizing on key relationships, areas of specialization, and “blue ocean” opportunities.

Bulls-Eye Targeting – How to Leverage a Lawyer’s Network
In this session you will learn about the 15 people that will make or break a lawyer’s year. Learn how to coach a lawyer to identify BD potential and effectively target key clients, prospects and referral sources.

Coaching the Lawyer
Understanding the lawyer mindset is integral for BD success. This webinar will feature an in-depth interview with a practicing attorney, a review of coaching techniques for various personality types, and a discussion how to kick off a new coaching engagement with a lawyer.

Motivating the Lawyer – Inspiring Buy-in in a Change-Resistant Environment
In this session you will learn why lawyers are frustrated with business development and reluctant to market. Learn motivation and gamification techniques that shift lawyers’ attitudes and behaviors, and discover which strategies produce the best results with minimal effort.

Overcoming Coaching Roadblocks
In this session you will discover how to coach lawyers who tend to argue against BD or are reluctant to try new ideas. Learn how to identify the most effective BD techniques that leverage different lawyers’ strengths and personality types.

Strategy vs. Tactics – How to Merge the Big Picture with Daily Routine
Big picture thinking and lofty goal-setting will only get you so far. In the session you will learn how to convert the macro goals in your lawyers’ BD plans into practical, actionable tactics for better traction and implementation.

Tailored Solutions to BD
No two lawyers will pursue business in exactly the same way. In this session you will learn how to tailor the BD plans at your firm to accommodate the range of personality types you will encounter among your associate and partner ranks.

Business Development Foundations
This one-hour webinar focuses on teaching the most effective BD techniques, including social media, networking, the sales process, and many more pertinent aspects of legal BD.

Developing and Managing BD Pipelines
Recent studies show that the some of the top challenges law firms face are a lack of structured BD plans and a lack of accountability for lawyers to follow through with them. This session will show you how to create and manage productive business development pipelines.

The Legal Sales Process
This one-hour webinar focuses on coaching lawyers in the five-step sales process from introduction to engagement. It also provides strategies for selling to various prospect personality types and generations.

Motivating the Lawyer – Inspiring Buy-in in a Change-Resistant Environment
In this session you will learn why lawyers are frustrated with business development and reluctant to market. Learn motivation and gamification techniques that shift lawyers’ attitudes and behaviors, and discover which strategies produce the best results with minimal effort.

The Sales Cycle – Mastering the Conversation from Introduction to Close
This one-hour webinar focuses on coaching lawyers in the five- step sales process from introduction to engagement. It also provides strategies for selling to various prospect personality types and generations.

Strengthening BD Activities
This session details the difference between marketing and business development activities, provides a deep dive on which BD activities yield the greatest return, and provides insights on how to get attorneys on board.

Time Management for Law Firm Professionals
Working at a law firm often means having to juggle an unreasonable number of priorities. In this program, you will learn how to improve your efficiency so you have more time to advance your law firm’s objectives, get more done, regain control over your workday.

Understanding BD Strategy
This session will focus on BD strategy. Discover tools that will hone the value you bring to the table and to elevate your perspective so that your contributions align with the firm’s long-term success.

Analytics on Steroids – Actionable Website Data that Drives New Business
Discover how next-generation website analytics will help your attorneys grow their practices and transform the field of legal marketing from an art to a science.

Connecting the Dots Between Technology and Business Results
Hear some real life examples that showcase how using the right systems can enable you to make better use of human and financial resources, and drive more revenue as a result.

CRM Strategy for Legal Marketers
This quick-fire panel session will provide practical tips on CRM rollouts, best practices for choosing a platform, promoting buy-in and high utilization among lawyers, project management, gamification, and other best practices for maximizing the ROI of your CRM initiative.

Developing a Long-Term Digital Strategy
To be competitive in the digital age, it is no longer sufficient to simply have a website and a twitter handle. In this session, you will discover how successful law firms are investing in long-term digital strategy as a core business development and marketing asset.

Gamification – Using Technology to Motivate and Track Results
Learn about the gamification techniques that shift lawyer mindset and behavior. You will also have an opportunity to hear from other firms as they share their technology challenges and successes.

How to use Technology and Innovation to Improve Law Firm Marketing
In this panel discussion, a junior, mid-level, and senior marketer discuss their career path and relationship to technology and innovation in our industry. They will also share the MarTech resources and techniques that have helped make them successful at their firms.

The Intersection of Experience Management and Pipeline Management
Learn how Pipeline Management systems and principles can intersect with Client Experience Management to maintain, broaden, and deepen client relationships.

Key Performance Indicators for Law Firms
Most law firms do not track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This presents a risk to most firms: inefficient and low-ROI activities reduce profitability and the ability to compete. However, it also presents many opportunities to law firms who start tracking these metrics ahead of their competitors. This session will show you how.

My Lawyers Won’t Use CRM. Now What?
Great! You have a CRM system. But… your lawyers aren’t using it. You’re not alone. The latest market-wide research shows that law firms struggle with low CRM utilization by lawyers. In this session, you will learn about tools and training that will increase the effectiveness of your firm’s business development technology and productivity.

Social Media: How to Turn Reluctant Lawyers into Marketing Machines
A tactical session on the 10 social networking skills today’s lawyer must have in order to stay relevant in the social media landscape.

The State of CRM at Law Firms
This webinar will provide 2018 market-wide study results on the state of CRM at law firms. Learn about current trends with leading CRM platforms, the changing tech landscape, adoption rates and ROI, data stewardship, and lawyer business development.

The Technology Horizon
In this session you will discover the latest technology solutions to your law firm’s challenges. From ERM to CRM to CI and beyond, learn about the tools that are helping firms market smarter

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50+ Video Tutorials on Business Development.

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