How to Motivate Lawyers to Make Rain

In this 3-minute video, David Ackert describes how legal marketers and management can motivate burgeoning lawyers to develop their books of business, some of the common pitfalls lawyers face, and how to overcome them.

How to Turn Prospects into Clients

This video from our series of Practice Pipeline business development tutorials describes how the process of converting a prospect into a client requires more than just a good pitch. Learn the 5-step process that will help you secure an introduction to your prospect and influence them to close the deal. Then, learn the best ways to follow-up so you stay on their radar without becoming a nuisance.

How to Leverage your Referral Network

In this lesson from the Practice Boomers curriculum you will learn how referral sources can be a significant source of new business if you nurture them effectively, but some are more effective than others. Learn how to spend your time and energy wisely by identifying, prioritizing and measuring the potential of your best referral sources.