The CRM industry is now the largest and fastest-growing segment of the technology market. More law firms are adopting CRM every year, but many still struggle with data integrity, lawyer adoption, and ROI.

In the Spring of 2018, Ackert Inc. conducted the third installment of its annual market-wide study examining the state of Client Relationship Management (CRM) software within law firms.

The white paper includes a detailed analysis of the survey findings as well as a list of best practices for firms wishing to choose the most effective platform, promote higher utilization among lawyers, and maximize the ROI on their CRM initiatives.

Authored by Olivia Watson and David Ackert

Key Performance Indicators for Law Firms (2018)

This free report provides legal marketers with a set of 18 useful KPIs that are easily calculated, aggregated from platforms they already use, immediately actionable, and strategically valuable. We will also explain what you can do with those metrics to cut costs, identify opportunities, and grow the firm. In this report, we make a case for:

  • Why law firms should track business intelligence metrics.
  • How these metrics can benefit the firm, the lawyers, and the marketing department.
  • 18 specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that legal marketers should track.
  • How marketers should respond to each KPI to optimize efficiency and ROI.
  • How our business intelligence dashboard, Practice Viewer, can track all of these metrics effortlessly.

Authored by Olivia Watson and Aaron Garcia

Business Development Trends Across Firm Demographics (2018)

Unlike other research examining global averages, this survey of nearly 100 North American firms examined which revenue generation strategies are most effective for specific firm sizes, lawyer seniority cohorts, industry groups, and practice areas.

  • The differences in effective business development strategies for senior associates, junior partners and senior partners.
  • The most effective revenue generation techniques for boutique, small, medium and large firms.
  • Which marketing initiatives are a waste of money and which yield a high ROI.
  • The most effective type and frequency of coaching for the different types of lawyers within your firm.
  • Which practice areas and industry groups are the most effective revenue-generators, and the client development techniques that work best for each one.

Authored by Olivia Watson and David Ackert

CRM vs. Pipeline Management: A Case Study (2017)

According to Altman Weil’s ‘Law Firms in Transition 2017’ survey, 71% of firms are investing more in BD, but only 30% achieve their desired improvement.
Don’t settle for mediocre solutions with unproven returns. Read the case study to learn:

  • The reasons behind low adoption rates of CRM within law firms
  • Pipeline management: a results-driven approach to business development
  • How law firms have generated up to 11,500% ROI with pipeline management
  • How targeted business development leads to better ROI
  • How pipeline management software helps grow a law firm’s business

Authored by Olivia Watson

The State of CRM at Law Firms: A Market-Wide Study (2017)

In the Fall of 2016, The Ackert Advisory conducted a market-wide study on the utilization and ROI of CRM for law firms. The survey of 130 North American legal marketers examined the cultural challenges behind lawyer CRM use, measuring ROI, and the interplay between CRM and lawyer business development.

Authored by David Ackert and Olivia Watson

Business Development Challenges in a Changing Market: A Market-Wide Study (2016)

In the Spring of 2016 we conducted a market-wide study examining law firm business development challenges in a changing market. It includes a detailed analysis of the survey findings as well as a list of best practices for firms wishing to employ effective BD programs, mitigate problematic BD challenges, and maximize the success of their BD initiatives.

Authored by David Ackert and Olivia Watson

In the Spring of 2015 we conducted a study on the utilization and ROI of CRM at law firms. It includes latest market-wide CRM trends in the legal industry and provides best practices for increasing utilization and measuring the ROI of CRM initiatives.

Authored by David Ackert, Gabriel Byberg and Olivia Watson

In the Spring of 2014 we conducted our second annual market-wide survey on the effectiveness of business development training and coaching programs at law firms. We wrote a white paper based on our findings including a series of recommendations on how to increase the ROI of law firm coaching and training programs.

Authored by David Ackert and Gabriel Byberg

In the Spring of 2013 we conducted a survey of North American law firms to identify the types of business development training programs they utilize with the objective of uncovering protocols that yield a positive return on investment for the firm. We wrote a white paper based on the survey findings and identified a series of best practices for designing, launching and overseeing a profitable BD training program in the legal industry.

Authored by David Ackert and Gabriel Byberg